Add Weight, Improve Traction, Stay Safe!


 Stop wasting valuable cargo space with alternatives! 

Improve Traction for any Vehicle!
Stay Safe on the Road!
No Patch Kit Needed!
2 Year Guarantee!
Durable - Wise Investment  

Convenient - Easy To Use 
Pop the Plug
Pop the plug and fill with sand or salt.

  • SAFETY FIRST- Added weight gives better traction control, increasing auto safety on ice and snow
  • CONVENIENT - Replace messy hard to handle sandbags and hard to install snow tire chains
  • VERSATILE - Interlocking pieces measuring 1' x 1' x 2" easily arrange to fit any vehicle from a sub-compact trunk to a 4 wheel drive pickup bed
  • EASY - Pop the plug to fill with sand or salt, each piece only weighs 18 lbs when filled
  • DURABLE - Puzzle Weights are made of the same durable polyethylene plastic as pickup truck bed liners
  • WISE INVESTMENTPuzzle Weights will last year after year
  • ENDLESS USES - RV or camper sidewalk, counter weight, hold down objects

Puzzle Weights are an innovative traction control system for safety on snow and ice, adding weight, but with an interlocking and versatile challenge!   The pieces interlock, replacing messy, hard to handle sand bags and hard to install snow tire chains.  "Pop the Plug" and fill with sand or salt.  Each piece weighs 18 lbs. when filled.  Each Puzzle Weight   measures 1' x 1' x 2" high so they don't take up cargo space in your pickup bed, car trunk, RV or camper.  They are always a perfect fit.  Puzzle Weights are an easy, clean, innovative way to significantly improve auto safety by providing better traction.

Puzzle Weights are versatile.  Custom configured sets for any vehicle from sub-compact weights to 4 wheel drive truck bed weights.  You can use them for many different creative solutions such as:  create a portable sidewalk for your RV or camper; weigh down swimming pool ladders, patio furniture or hot tub covers; use them for extra weight in your ski boat.  If you do get stranded on ice or snow, just "Pop the Plug" and spread the sand or salt under your tires.  You will be on your way in no time! 

Puzzle Weights are economical, and will easily pay for themselves if they save one accident or towing bill making them a very wise investment.  Puzzle Weights are made of the same durable polyethylene plastic as pickup truck bed liners which means they will last year after year.  Just think, no more hard-to-handle, messy, spilled sandbags.  Pricing is similar to the pickup truck bed covers and liners.

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